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J Biol Chem 274:34613468 Gourlay CW, Ayscough KR (2005) The actin cytoskeleton: a indicator regulator of apoptosis and ageing? Department of Fitness and Kind Services, Native Institutes of Strength, National Heart, Lung, and Blood Found, 2005). Blubber is a danger to happiness, self-pride and sociality purchase tadapox 80 mg overnight delivery erectile dysfunction treatment jaipur.
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 Bill Williams Memphis, TN 10/12/2015   Email  
My recollections of that period are not as good as some I have read from above, but I worked for BHI in Isfahan, Iran (I have my termination papers from BHI in 1979 somewhere in storage). In February 1979 I was among a group of BHI employees who evacuated to Tehran (I believe it was the Hilton Hotel). From there we flew on Pan Am to Frankfort, Germany

 Keneth Korb Sydney NSW Australia 6/5/2015   Email  
As the revolution progressed, it became obvious to everyone in Isfahan that foreigners were no longer welcome, and that we would all have to leave the country. Foreigners' cars were being burned. Americans were being attacked on the street with sticks and shovels. The Korean Restaurant on Charbagh Abassi, a favourite eating place for foreigners, had been blown up. To drive anywhere, I had to pass through armed checkpoints and negotiate a path around lines of burning tyres.

I held a sale of our household goods, and all my Iranian neighbours came around to see what kind of bargains they could pick up. There was much haggling about price. They knew we had to leave the country, and offered ridiculously low prices for our furniture and heaters. I sold what I could at a reasonable price, ushered the throng of bargain hunters out the gate, and burned the rest in the courtyard. I threw a tyre on the bonfire so the black smoke would advertise to the neighbours that Id rather burn the stuff than sell it at rock-bottom prices. It really was a fire sale.

As the exodus of foreigners gathered pace, there amassed a small mountain of unaccompanied baggage that the departing foreigners had left behind, to be shipped home separately. This baggage was being held in a large warehouse near the city centre. It was feared that the revolutionaries would burn the warehouse, so it was decided to move all the baggage to Shahin Shahr, a new suburb that had been built outside the city to house foreign employees and their families. Although construction had recently been completed, very few foreigners had yet moved in the foreigners were making a mass exodus from the country.

We gathered five 5-ton trucks, loaded them with foreigners unaccompanied baggage, and set off in convoy through the streets of Isfahan toward Shahin Shahr. I was riding shotgun in the lead truck next to the Iranian driver, along with Darden, a fellow instructor pilot. As we proceeded in convoy through the city, we were set upon and surrounded by an angry mob of civilians. We were forced to stop, the mob was so thick. One young man came up to the windscreen and made a throat-cutting motion with his finger. I took it to signify that this was an angry mob.

The Iranian Air Force had mutinied and gone over to the revolutionaries side; the Army and Navy were still supposedly loyal to the government the Shah had appointed, which was still clinging to power. An Iranan Air Force lieutenant climbed onto the running board and motioned to roll down the window. He said in English through the open passengers window, You must do exactly as I say or these people will kill you. We decided to do exactly as he said.

With the lieutenant riding on the running board, we drove in convoy slowly through the city, stopping again and again as we were repeatedly mobbed by a sea of angry revolutionaries. The lieutenant had to explain to the mobs that it wasnt necessary to capture us we were already captured.

We drove slowly to the main boulevard of Charbagh Bala, and parked the trucks on the wide, shady median strip. We dismounted from the trucks and were marched down the wide street at gunpoint, our hands behind or heads, with crowds on the sidewalk waving their fists and shouting angrily. Air Force soldiers stood in a line with their arms linked, holding the hordes back. I was so nervous that whenever I touched something it felt like electric shocks in my fingertips.

We were marched to a house where we were questioned briefly by a turbined mullah, a holy man. We then made our way back to the trucks and were directed to drive. We drove to the outskirts of the city and through steel gates into a large walled-in area, where we parked the five trucks. There it was announced that the Revolutionary Guards would search everything on all the trucks.

They proceeded to unload all the suitcases, tea chests, boxes and footlockers, and examine the contents. They explained that they were looking for military hardware and photographs of military installations, and if they found any they would kill us. I tried explaining that the baggage didnt belong to us it was the property of other foreigners who had already left the country.

A Revolutionary Guard replied, We dont care about that. We warned you to get out of the country. You waited too long. They observed the social niceties during all this, though. They served us tea as they pointed rifles at us.

One young man came running over to us with a small cardboard box in his hands. He excitedly reached into the box of tampons, held one up with its string dangling, and demanded to know what these things with fuses were. I explained in broken Farsi in the only terms I knew: Khonum Kos, which translates vulgarly as, Wife, female reproductive organs. As it gradually dawned on him what I meant, he turned red and hurried away with his little box.

The light was fading, most of the baggage had been searched and they hadnt found anything incriminating yet, so the baggage was packed and loaded back onto the trucks, and we drove in convoy to the Shahin Shahr compound. Chris, who had ridden by bus to Shahin Shahr, met me as I stepped off the bus. We were assigned to empty houses. Chris and I shared a house with Bill Leonard, who had been my assistant flight commander, and his wife Ute. A score or so of other families who had also waited too long occupied other vacant houses. Teenage Revolutionary Guards stood guard on the street corners, armed with everything from rubber hoses to FN rifles.

Our employer, Bell Helicopter International, had sent over a freezer container full of Christmas turkeys, one for each employee. After the mass exodus of expatriates, however, there was a glut of frozen turkeys left over. We ate turkey for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the several days if our internment at Shahin Shahr.

Early one evening a Revolutionary Guard knocked at the front door and informed us that it was time to leave. When we asked where we were going, he replied, Hurry. Bring everything. You go now. We gathered all our personal belongings and followed him to where a row of buses stood. There we waited until all the expatriates had assembled, boarded the buses and set off on the long drive to Tehran.

All night we drove across the desert in the crowded bus, made even more crowded by the presence of baggage in the passenger compartment. We were repeatedly stopped at roadblocks and the bus searched. I complained that we had already been searched and cleared a number of times, but to no avail. The bus stopped and pulled over briefly in the holy city of Qom, where I exited the bus to relieve myself. As I peed on the rear tyre, the bus started to pull away. I shouted, Ist! (stop) and pounded on the back of the bus as it pulled away. The last thing I wanted was to be stuck alone in the holy city during a religious revolution. The bus finally stopped, and I hurriedly climbed aboard.

We arrived in Tehran early in the morning, and pulled up in front of the Tehran Hilton hotel. On entering the hotel we were searched again by teenage self-appointed Revolutionary Guards with guns. A little twerp with a submachine gun slung under his arm demanded that I open my bags for inspection. I was so fed up with having guns pointed at me that I refused. I told him to open it himself. I won the battle of wills. He opened the bags himself and gave them a perfunctory search, and I had stared down a hot-headed teenager with a submachine gun pointed at me. I was a legend among the evacuees after that incident for being an idiot.

The corridors of the hotel were packed with evacuees sitting and lying on the floors. We made our way to the dining room and managed to get something to eat. Chris inquired if there were any rooms available, and to our surprise within minutes were given one. I guess most of the evacuees had not bothered to ask, content to sleep on the floor in a hallway. The room wasnt that safe, either. Revolutionaries, realising that the hotel was full of foreigners, made a sport of shooting out the hotel windows.

The revolutionaries didnt want to harm the multitude of foreign workers that were in the country; they just wanted us to leave, to be out of the way while the country sorted itself out politically. They didn't want any foreign influence. Besides, we had been employed by the Shah, and were guilty by association. After a wait of some hours, we were assigned to an evacuation flight and taken by bus to Tehran airport. There was a long delay, however. The US government was sending jumbo jets to evacuate foreigners, but the Iranians had reportedly driven tanks onto the runway while an aircraft was on final approach, so it had to abort the landing.

Finally, after one last search, we boarded the big metal freedom bird and took off. When the captain announced over the PA system that we were clear of Iranian airspace, a unanimous cheer went up in the plane.

The American government evacuated foreigners of all nationalities. On my flight were Pakistanis, Filipinos, Japanese, British, Australians and a half-dozen other nationalities.

At Frankfurt airport we were ushered into a room where two men in black suits were waiting. We thought they were probably CIA agents. They explained that they wanted to interview each of us individually. A loud protest went up among the assembled evacuees, who were tired and dirty, and a little bit drunk from the free alcohol on the evacuation flight. The men in black relented, and agreed to interview all of us collectively. What they mainly wanted to know was who was in power in Iran which generals were still in office. I volunteered that I had heard that General Shanaz was still in power in Isfahan.

We were each issued with $US 500 in travellers cheques as an advance against our final pay, and a plane ticket to anywhere in the world. After night out in Frankfurt, we flew to the USA.

 Gary Fountain connecticut 4/1/2015   Email  
Interesting to find this site via linked in. So a very special thanks to the unknown PanAm team flight 6 that picked up me and my fellow Isfahan BHI'ers to come home in mid Jan 79. Our route out was to Turkey, then to Shannon Ireland not for fuel... but for more booze,lol. I was 20 after all!! Before coming into Bangor Maine as first port of entry. I still gotta hand it to those PanAm that came in despite no ATC to help as I recall. So . We did load our own bags. I am on LinkedIn if you were at training center base...I worked AH1j line or if you were the PanAm team...give a holler!

 Julia Stammer Pasadena Maryland 3/4/2014   Email  
I evacuated in January of 1979 by myself as my mom was already in the states and my dad was still trying to pack our belongings. I was only 14. The Pan Am round the world flight left Tehran for Frankfurt, then on to London Heathrow. As we were in flight to London, the rear cabin door popped off the plane. I remember the loud "pop" sound. We landed in London, and they kept us on the plane and we waited 4 hours before taking off for JFK airport in NY. A friend I met and I went to the back of the plane to see what it looked like and there was plastic over the doorway. The flight attendants were handing out blankets because it was so cold. If anyone recalls this flight could you please contact me. Thank you.

 Jody Logan Madison, New Jersy 10/23/2013   Email  
I was a flight attendant on Freedom Flight II, to Frankfurt .The experience is still ever so clear in my mind...getting to go-head from President Carter, as we had be waiting in Istanbul for a week, ready to ferry a 747 into Teheran. The stillness of the night, the noise, the guns, the chaos. It is comforting to see these comments. As I look back in time, knowing that my passengers were grateful and remember everything as well. Now a special ed teacher, today, I am teaching writing a memoir. I will start with my moment.

 Irene Lima OH 7/28/2013   Email  
My great Uncle was George Zajac. He was in Tehran and was on one if the last flights out. At the time, we believe he worked for Bell Helicopter. I remember listening to a cassette recording he had of the chaos as everyone was trying to leave. If anyone knew him, could you contact me? we are trying to piece together some details of his life.

 Sky Howard Bedford, Texas 6/22/2013   Email  
I worked for BHI in Esfahan. Traveled to Shahinsha, then to the capital. Stayed in the Hilton, was there when hotel was attacked, survived that then flew to Frankfurt. If anyone remembers me send an email. Had good times in Esfahan. My supervisor's name was Richard (Jug) Clough. Thank you PanAm!

 Kathryne (Katy) Nadal Portland, Oregon 11/12/2012   Email  
I just saw the movie, "Argo," and was amazed at the emotions it brought back to me. It recalled the week I spent as a 'guest' of the Revolutionary Guards at the Tehran Hilton following the exit of the Shah and prior to leaving on Freedom Flight I. We watched movies like "Gray Lady Down" and compared ourselves to sitting on a shelf in the ocean a mile down from the surface hoping for rescue and listened to strange (to most of us, anyway) reassurances that we'd probably be back working in Iran as soon as this all blew over. Like those who have written before me, the ride to the airport was eerie-- expecting our minibusses to be stopped or even shot at in the quiet morning. But we made it to the airport where confusion reigned. Yet, the Revolutionary Guards seemed to want us to be out, and out of the way while at the same time trying to be sure that certain people didn't leave. But we did leave and the feeling of complete relief only came with the announcement that we had left Iranian airspace. I had no friends on that flight, but was graciously hosted by military friends of a passenger/seatmate on arrival until some of my co-workers arrived on a subsequent flight. My thanks to them, but especially to the entire PanAm crew that volunteered to come to Iran and fly us to safety.

 Valerie Nemeth  Calgary, Canada  11/2/2012   Email  
This is my view that everyone ought to give a shout out to the AMERICAN Ambassador /Embassador William Sullivan and his not so motley American Ambassy / Embassy crew, those who are STILL SURVIVING and ALIVE in particular since I found it is undoubtedly par for the course that it is "standard operational procedure" for foreign - service officials such as them to arrange the evacuation flights in civil strife situations.

I departed on the Pan American flight on February 22nd of 1979 after being a part of the finance team processing employee and family members out. My boss, Mike Habala, and fellow accountant Bob Hayes were also on that flight. My many thanks to the flight crew of Pan American. My next overseas adventure was in Israel followed by Saudi Arabia and finally retirement.

 Dennis Bartash Canyon Country, CA 8/20/2012   Email  
Don't have a lot of time to post now, but my wife and I were on the last evacuation flight from Teheran. We loved the PanAm pilots & crew members who took us out. I worked in Isfahan till December 1975 then I went to Kermanshah. Our evacuation from Kermanshah was an experience to say the least. I would love to hear from others who were there.

 Beth Sias Atlanta, GA 2/19/2012   Email  
Well tomorrow will be 33 years since boarding Freedom Flight VII with many of my frightened friends. I remember being so relieved to be getting out of Iran, but also with some sadness. My experience there was a great one, and I still have many good friends that I made from that time.

I have never regretted moving to Iran because my experiences were unique and rewarding.

After the evacuation, I traveled with 3 other friends for 2 months after arriving in Frankfort and it was great. We saw Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Sicily, Greece, Sri-Lanka, and Thailand before coming home. Because we were all in our 20's then, we had a great time without spending too much money and didn't mind staying in hostels and places without a "star" rating. We even stayed in tree-huts in Sri Lanka for 3 weeks.

Thank you Pan Am volunteers who made it all possible to leave Iran "alive" and get us back to FREEDOM. I am forever grateful for your unselfish acts and bravery.

 Debbi Fuller Langdon NH 12/13/2011   Email  
My friends Dave and Joanne Driscoll sent me this website. I flew for Pan Am between 1980 - 1989 but know Zita, Pat, Laddy, Hans and Taffy who were crew members. So happy you all got out safely and that Pan Am was there for you. Best job of my life and I wish I'd been there too.

 Cynthia Martinez FT WORTH TX 9/25/2011   Email  
My parents are Paul Martinez and Gracie Martinez, we lived in ISFAHAN Iran. We have great family memories of the 1970s . And very lucky to be alive. We are blessed to have been on the PanAm flights of 1979 evac. Thank you PANAM.

 Jennifer Arkansas 9/17/2011   Email  
My dad, Gene Shafer, was on a 19 Feb. flight to Frankfurt. My mom, Paula, left with the three of us on 08 Jan '79. We flew to Amsterdam, then to New York. She had every intention of going back once we got settled in Indiana with family, but wasn't allowed back in. She met up with my dad in Bangkok when he was finally able to get out.

 Charles Gage Gaithersburg, MD 1/11/2011   Email  
It is hard to believe it has been so many years since I was on PanAm Freedom Flight 5. I never got around to writing to PanAm to thank them. I wish I had.

I recall staying at the Hilton Hotel for a couple of days prior to our departure. We eventually made it to Mehrabad, got on the plane, and the Iranian Guard came aboard and removed two passengers. No one said a word.

The plane was overloaded. The purser told us that since we were an American flagged carrier that as soon as the wheels were off the ground, we'd be "in the United States." We rolled forever. Finally, wheels up and the purser spoke over the intercom, "Welcome back to the Unites States." Well, people were in tears at that point. A lot of stress and pressure was released. I was more pragmatic - I relaxed once I knew we had cleared Iranian airspace.

We arrive in Germany. It was the first step to getting home.

Good memories, though.


 Patricia Bergstresser Washington DC 11/12/2009   Email  
Actually we took the PanAm evacuation flight to Rome. We spent one night at the Embassy and fortunately Jim Bittermann, then a correspondent with NBC News and covering Iran, gave us the use of his apartment since he was in Tehran. We really were protected by our Iranian neighbors, but since I was not a political person, and we were enjoying learning about Iran and the culture, I really hoped that the Iranian people would recognize that...It was their country and we respected that! I just hoped all people would be okay in the process. My sons were truly remarkable through it all.

 Chris Bergstresser San Anselmo, CA 10/3/2009   Email  
My mother (Patricia Bergstresser), my brother (Scott Bergstresser) and I were likely on this flight. I can't remember the flight number. My mother was in media (news) and it was decided to leave on the final US sponsored evacuation flight. We wound up having to spend the night at the US Embassy for several nights before the crowd that surrounded the compound allowed us to leave. I have very vivid memories of that time although I was 12. Our Iranian neighbors always made sure that my brother and I were never in danger - even when the Foreign Ministry Club, next to our house, was raided by revolutionaries or when we had random vehicles camped outside our home. I have wonderful memories of Iran before the revolution and it is sad that Iran went from one bad regime to another. The Iranian people have always stayed wonderful and I hope the finally get the freedom they so rightfully deserve..

 Bob and Evelyn Perodeau Haddonfield, NJ 2/21/2009   Email  
Pan AM Freedom Flight 5 to Frankfurt. We got aboard after staying at the Hilton, with Ev sleeping in the bathtub, a round hit the side of the hotel due to some action at the television station south of the hotel. Was there a sheep on a leash in the lobby, or was that a dog, can't remember. Anyone remember our hosts standing in the back of the auditorium fully loaded while watching the Battle of Britain. No one could make this up. Was shocked by the cost of a beer at the Intercontinental in Frankfurt. The rest is history. Thank you to the crew of that great flight. Still have mixed emotions about that place.

 Richard Bartels Maryland 2/16/2009  
Happy 30th to those that were on the Feb 16 flight.

 Walter R. Paynter Sonoma, California 4/29/2008   Email  

I evacuated from Tehran on the flight of 18 February 1979 and was always grateful to both Pan Am and its employees who volunteed for this hazardous duty. I am interesting in contacting others who evacuated: Shiela Mill, John Dodson and Kian Kunefsky. The latter name may not be spelled correctly. My address is 60 Malet Street, Sonoma, California 95476
phone 707-996-4225 or my cell 707-494-4821 and my email address is waltpaynter@yahoo.com

One of the unfortuate aspects of such evacuations is the separation from friends with no knowledge of their thereabouts thereafter. Every once in a while an old Tehran friend from that period finds us, usually through the internet. Over the years friends from Australia, England, France, Canada, and the US have found us and communicated. Hopefully, more will find us by virtue of this website.
Walt and Sue Paynter

 David Driscoll Carlisle, Mass. 1/25/2008   Email  
Just added some more photos I found. Enjoy. Send in some more pictures, please.

 Mike Gentry Gilbert Arizona 7/27/2006   Email  
Talk about bringing back memories! I worked at FASC-03 from Feb 76 to Feb 79 and was on the Feb 22 flight out.

 Jimi Bingham Torrance/California 7/10/2006   Email  
I accidentally ran across this website as I was looking for former high school/college classmates, and am not surprised to hear that Taffy Renzoni had a part in the Freedom Flights. If she is the same Taffy Renzoni that I knew at Las Vegas High School and at USC, I remember her to be one of the most genuine, openly loving people I have ever had the pleasure of spending a small part of my life with. I do not know of anyone who ever met her to have one negative thing to say about her, and I would have fully expected her to be involved in such a noble mission as the Freedom Flights. Her kind and gentle spirit was an inspiration to all that knew her.

Please email me back if you have any contact information for her.

Thanks you.

 Gayle M. L. DeChanso Colorado Springs, CO 7/22/2005   Email  
Well I am the grand daughter of Benjamin Hugo DeChanso. I was looking to find out some information about him. See I grew up without knowing one side of my family. I have no pictures of him, no information or anything. I was hoping that if any of the people that may have worked with him. knew any information or had any pictures, they could possibly tell me about him. I would be very happy if you anyone could help.

 Bob Hayes Arlington, TX 12/17/2004   Email  
Merry christmas and thanks to the Pan Am empoloyees who got us out of Tehran. I was with Bell Helicopter International and stayed with the finance team processing other employees out. We were in the Hilton Hotel with a machine gun nest of Revolutionary Guards on the roof that was protectingv the radio station on the next hill from occasional attacks from some of the communist part influences there. I flew out on the Feb 22nd flight, and was in the piano bar upstairs in the 747 with BHI's General McKinnon and a marine in civilian clothes who was being snuck out of the country becasue he had killed several students in one of the attempts to take over the US embassy that never made the news. We did have RG's walk up and down through the plane before we took off, mainly because I believe most of them had never seen a airplane before. Landing in Frankfurt, German TV crews interviewing us as we got off the plane and ALL of those memories. Great to see this site.

 Mike Habala   12/16/2004   Email  
Merry Christmas to the volunteer crew of the Pan Am Flight. We were on the last BHI Flight with 13 passengers

 Charlie Paranial Kealakekua, Hawaii 11/12/2004   Email  
Wow..what a surprise to find this. I was a Spec. 5 in the US Army. I never got to thank Pan Am for the open bar..Aloha

 David & Jo-Ann Driscoll Carlisle,MA 9/13/2004   Email  
We were on the same flight as Barry Leff and had the same interesting ride to the airport. We were grateful to cross out of Iranian airspace. We had the PanAm crew autograph our barf bags for us.

 Michele Kijeski Limerick, PA 9/10/2004   Email  
Hello, all. My name is Michele and as many of you already know it has been a dream of mine for quite some time to reunite the wonderful Pan Am personnel responsible for the February 1979 Tehran evacuation flights with the grateful evacuees that they got to safety.

I was only eleven years old when my family and I were evacuated aboard Freedom Flight I on February 17, 1979. We had spent the previous week as hostages in the Tehran Hilton, never knowing from one day to the next if our captors would let us live or kill us.

The day of the evacuation was one I will never forget. My mother woke my fourteen-year-old sister and me up around 4:30 a.m. We dressed quickly and collected what few belongings we were allowed to take. Of all our possessions we were each permitted only one suitcase and we left behind many valuable belongings in order to get our Asterix books out.

We gathered in the lobby with many other hopeful evacuees and ended up waiting there for a very long time. No one, it seems, was entirely sure whether or not they were really letting us go or if this was just some sort of cruel trick. But eventually we were loaded aboard buses and taken to Mehrabad airport where two 747's staffed by all volunteer crews sat waiting on the runway.

Everyone was subjected to a body search before being allowed to board and this made for some very tense moments for my family. My mother had hidden money in the sleeves of her coat and a string of pearls was concealed beneath the neckline of my shirt. We had nearly reached the check point and were really beginning to sweat when a woman in line suffered an epileptic siezure. In the ensuing confusion my mom was able to push my sister and I through the check point and get us all to the other side without being searched.

We were loaded aboard Flight E449 under the command of Captain Ned Brown. But our ordeal was far from over. Four times we were made to disembark in order to have our passports checked and our luggage searched. Through it all, the Pan Am personnel were absolutely wonderful! Though we were frightened and shell-shocked, worried that we were going to be pulled off of the plane and returned to captivity at the hotel, the flight personnel handled us with great care and compassion, all the while under armed guard themselves.

Finally the plane was loaded--past capacity--with every seat full and people sitting on the floor as well. Many people clutched their beloved pets in their arms, including my sister who held her Siamese cat, Miko, in her lap. When the plane made its trip down the runway and lifted into the air, every voice on board was lifted in a hearty cheer. But we quickly fell silent again as we realized that two Iranian fighter jets had taken off after us and were flanking our 747 menacingly. The fear then became that they had let us get this far, just to shoot us down mere miles from freedom.

But eventually the jets peeled off and when Captain Brown told us we were clear, that we were aboard American soil on Pan Am Freedom Flight One, the cheer was positively deafening. The flight attendants then started handing out free alcohol to anyone who wanted it and I think it's safe to say we practically worshipped those brave volunteers all the way to Frankfurt. Certainly anytime Captain Brown tried to say anything through the intercom he had to wait for us to stop cheering him before he could speak.

They saw us safely to Frankfurt and I think everyone aboard had to stop and say a heartfelt thanks to our rescuers before finally making our way into the airport terminal.

That was twenty-five years ago. The old Pan Am went out of business in 1991 and it has been a challenge trying to piece together the information regarding those evacuation flights. Many people have stepped forward to supply what information they have and I am extremely grateful to each one of them. Thanks also to everyone who is working to spread the word and find other evacuees and Pan Am personnel. And a HUGE thanks to our webmaster David Driscoll for creating this website so that we can keep in touch and further the search.

I'd like to invite anyone who was involved in the evacuation--whether as rescuer or rescuee--to share your stories here. And if anyone has any information that could help us obtain the ultimate goal of reuniting Pan Am personnel and evacuees, please let me know. You can reach me through the contact button on this website.

Best Wishes to All,
Michele Carl

 Barry Leff Toledo, Ohio 9/10/2004   Email  
I was on PanAm E459 on 2/16/79. The story of our trip follows:

Evacuation Day
February 16, 1979
by Dr. Barry J. Leff

We were staying in the Intercontinental Hotel in Tehran, waiting for the
airport to open so our flight to civilization could get in to pick us up.
Pan Am was one of the other contractors on our program with the Iranian air
force. Thanks to that, and the classified nature of the work we were doing,
we were to receive the honor of being the first official evacuation flight
to leave Tehran. The plane, with an all volunteer crew, had been standing
by in Dubai for several days waiting for the airport to open.

We were awakened by a call at about 4:30 am telling us to get up, get ready,
and be down in the lobby ready to go by 5:30--we were going home.

The scene down in the lobby was a zoo. We were trying to sneak out without
the press knowing, but there were members of the press corps hanging around
the lobby around the clock, so they were able to figure out something was
going on pretty quickly. Then the press was falling all over themselves
trying to get a seat on our plane (I think it was a 707 and held 180
people). Cheryl, Rocky, and I were hanging around the lobby waiting to
leave. Rocky was our cat. When Rocky first wandered into our lives, we
thought it was a she, so we named the cat Roxanne after the princess, Roxy
for short. A few weeks later, it became evident that "Roxy" was really a
"Rocky," so that became his new name. Rocky had to stay in his cage for the
most part, and wasn't happy about it. Ivan Fedder, our boss, shook his head
every time he saw the cat--he wasn't keen on the idea of taking a jube cat
out of Iran, but Cheryl had made a valiant plea for him, so he was willing
to let us take him as long as the cat didn't take up a seat that could go to
a human.

It was about 6:45am before we finally pulled away from the hotel in a convoy.
In the lead was a car load of Khomeini's Revolutionary Guards, followed by
about 4 or 5 mini-buses. We pulled out in the dark, and headed for the
airport. The lead car was a Peykan, a British Hillman built in Iran. Sort
of like a Toyota mid-size car, but very poorly built. The mini-buses each
seated about a dozen people--sort of in between a full size van and a small
bus. We drove through the deserted streets of Tehran; it was almost eerily
quiet. We drove through commercial and residential sections, most of the
building 4-6 stories tall, very boring squares of concrete. Except for the
palaces, architecture was not one of Tehran's claims to fame.

One of the Revolutionary Guards in the lead car was riding on the trunk, on
the outside of the car. The car hit a little dip, and his gun went off,
shooting out the back window of the car. We started laughing uproariously
at this very typical example of the ineptness of the Revolutionary Guards,
and then we realized it probably wasn't a good idea to be laughing at a
possibly angry unfriendly person with a gun.

Our luggage had ended up on a different mini-bus than the one we were on.
When we got to the airport, the mini-bus with our luggage was nowhere in
sight. I found the head Revolutionary Guard, a guy named Ali, and asked
where was the mini-bus with our luggage. He said "one of the buses is
missing? Aww, f**k!" Which struck me as amusing at the time.

A few minutes later the missing bus pulled up. Turned out one of the female
passengers absolutely had to go to the bathroom, RIGHT NOW, so they stopped
the bus and let her relieve herself in a nearby alley.

The airport had a large entry hall, and we were all in there milling around
while the Revolutionary Guard tried to get themselves organized. Since we
were the first flight out under the new regime, everything was new to them.
They knew they were supposed to stamp passports, but they didn't seem to be
clear on why, or with what, so we had to wait while they figured out the
passport stamping routine.

Originally we thought we were going to Turkey. It turned out they changed
plans, and the plane was going first to Frankfurt, and then to New York. We
were asked where we wanted to go. Some of our friends were getting off in
Frankfurt to take a few days R&R in Europe on the way home. We were tired,
and stressed, and said, hell with it, let's just get home, and had our
luggage tagged for New York.

Once on the plane, we had more delays. We were sitting on the ramp a long
time. The Revolutionary Guard's were looking for someone, a Pakistani
employee that they didn't want us to take with us, they wanted only
Americans on the plane. I don't remember exactly, but I think we managed to
get the poor guy out.

While we were sitting at the gate, once we were all on board and situated,
one the RGs came on board and stood at the front of the plane and gave a
little speech: "now there is trouble in my country, and you must leave, but
soon I hope you can come back." We were actually touched by this sentiment
and applauded.

Finally, we pulled away from the gate and headed for the runway. The mood on
the plane was a little somber; none of this had turned out the way any of us
had hoped. Most of us liked Iran and were saddened by the turmoil and

After the plane took off, there was only a muted applause; we were a little
nervous because we knew there were terrorists with hand held surface to air
missiles, and we didn't really feel safe until we had some altitude. When
the pilot announced we had crossed into Turkish airspace, the cabin went

The flight to Frankfurt was one big party, and the booze was on Pan Am. We
sang "Ayatollah's coming to town" for a reporter from ABC. It goes:

Don't dial no hookers
Don't drink no beer
The Ayatollah will soon be here
Ayatollah's coming to town
He knows if you've been drinking
He knows if you got laid
He knows if you're a capitalist
So be careful what you say

At one point Rocky was comfortably curled up on a blanket on a vacant seat.
Ivan came by and saw it and started shaking his head.

We had such a good time drinking and carrying on with our friends on the
flight, so we decided to change our plans and go with Charlie Clarke and
Dave and JoAnn Driscoll to Amsterdam. Of course, our luggage was going to
New York, but we figured what the hell.

We got off the plane in Frankfurt, and there were TV cameras, military and
civilian representatives from the US Embassy, even the American Red Cross; a
great commotion all around. I think the TV crews were expecting a group of
shell shocked refugees from strife-torn Iran; instead they saw a bunch of
jolly drunks rolling off the plane. We didn't want to see the Red Cross or
embassy people; the only person we wanted to see was the company controller,
who met us with a bag containing $1000 emergency money for each of us. We
arrived in the midst of the worst blizzard to hit Europe in about ten years,
and all our luggage was on it's way to New York.

As we went through German customs, the customs agent pointed to our cat
carrier and said "was is das? is das einer kat? do you have ze papers for
ze kat?" Fortunately, we did--Cheryl had borrowed a chador and gone out
with our neighbor in the middle of the Revolution to get the papers. I
thought she was crazy.

Cheryl and I bought some emergency clothes to hold us over for a few days in
Amsterdam. Cheryl urgently needed to do something about her jacket; in all
the excitement, Rocky had crapped all over it, and it was a mess. . .

We spent the night at the Frankfurt Airport Sheraton, and the next day we
headed off to Amsterdam for a few days of relaxation.

We had a pleasant time in Amsterdam, eating and going to museums, despite the
horrible cold and snowy weather. We arrived during their winter carnival.
At one point some firecrackers went off nearby. I dove into the nearest
doorway, and Cheryl told me "it's OK, there's no one shooting at you here."
We laughed at my automatic response, and headed for a bar.

Our travel adventures weren't quite over yet; as we were flying toward New
York, all the airports on the east coast were shut down by a blizzard, and
we had to divert to Toronto, where we spent another night at an airport
hotel before finally reaching New York the next day.


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