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Photo Gallery

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Vivian Woodyard (GTE Sylvania) rehearses evacuation in her local disguise.

Danny Kolker at Teheran Airport on Feb. 16 for the first evacuation flight

Home-made t-shirts

Bell Helicopter International employees asked to stay in Iran made up custom patches

Souvenir barf bag from Feb. 16 flight, signed by some of the crew and passengers.

Beautiful mountains.

Mountains, seen from Tehran.

Entertainment: Learning about Persian carpets at local rug dealer.

Revolutionary transport.

Private dinner during the troubles.

View from the tenth floor restaurant in the Hotel Intercontinental, where the GTE folks holed up waiting to exit the country. Note the bullet hole in window.

Pre-evacuation dinner at the Intercon. (Window-side tables not recommended.)

Using local product in the washing machine.

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