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The Search for the Crew

February 16, 1979

Pan Am 707 (E459)

  • Chief Pilot: Captain Harvey Benefield (Found)
  • First Officer: Paul Frantz
  • Engineer: Al Bekebrede (Found)
  • Flight Attendant: Taffy Renzoni (Found)
  • Flight Attendant: Jaroslaw "Laddy" Chrowat (Found)
  • Flight Attendant: R. Reinke
  • Flight Attendant: Betty Carter
  • Flight Attendant: J. Horton

February 17, 1979

Freedom Flight I (E449)

  • Chief Pilot: Captain Lawrence "Ned" Brown (Found: Deceased)
  • First Officer: Captain Engels

Flight II (To Rome - E451)

  • Chief Pilot: Captain William W. Malcolm (Found)
  • First Officer: Captain Joe Greeley
  • Senior Purser: Marion Von Heisermann (Lead: Laguardia Airport/New York/unlisted number)

February 18, 1979

Flight E449

  • Pilot: Captain John Powers
  • Flight Attendant: Taffy Renzoni (Found)
  • Flight Attendant: Jaroslaw "Laddy" Chorwat (Found)
  • Flight Attendant: Johannes Pigmans (Found)

Flight 451

February 21, 1979

Flight E449

E451 and another unknown flight to Frankfurt

Two Flights-- dates unknown

  • Chief Pilot: Al Frink
  • Senior Purser: Zita Valduga
  • Senior Purser: Pat King (Found: Deceased)
  • Steward: Brian Rice (Lead: Hicksville, NY/unlisted number)

Behind the Scenes Personnel

  • Enrique (Rick) Rendon - Director, Passenger Services; Director, Cargo Services-Iran (Found)
  • William Roy - Vice President, Operations Control
  • Ben McLeod - Vice President, Communications
  • Frank Motola - Director, Systems Operations Planning
  • John Holland - System Director, Flight Attendants and Cabin Services
  • Robert Bohannon - Director, Communications Engineering
  • Richard (Dick) Cozzi - Director, Systems Operation Center
  • Hope Walden - Manager, Flight Services Scheduling, Atlantic Division
  • Donna Sanford - Manpower Control Coordinator

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